Drake Koka Primary School operates in Ivory Park, a township on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tshwaranang PC
Tux Typing is a big hit

In 2011, Tshwaranang, a Dutch foundation that funds development projects in South Africa, launched a computer literacy program based at Drake Koka Primary School to improve the employment prospects of adults in the community of Ivory Park. The lab is also being used by the students of the school. The goal is to encourage ease and familiarity with computers for everyone involved, including teachers. I joined the project in early 2012.

Topics currently include:

  • basic computer hardware & software
  • internet & e-mail
  • Microsoft Office
Bridging the digital divide in South Africa.

To support the class and the school, we built a computer lab using computers generously donated by Ricoh and networking equipment purchased from Scoop Distribution. We have also received hardware donations from supporters in the Gauteng area.

Some technical details

Remote Windows installation is managed via Unattended hosted on a central Debian server. Proxying is provided by Squid. We are using Tux Typing & Tux Math to teach keyboard use and basic math to the students of Drake Koka.

Mark profile picture
Mark currently teaches the computer class

Donations of any kind (servers, networking gear, displays, etc.) are quite welcome. If you'd like to help in any way, contact me.