I've done these things.

thing:Padbok Thai Restaurant Website
date:12 April 2013
client:Padbok Thai Restaurant
location:Pretoria, South Africa
built with:Jekyll, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS

This is a site I created for a Thai restaurant in Pretoria. I specified the design, and implemented it in HTML and CSS using Jekyll as a static site generator. I wrote two Ruby plugins for Jekyll to programmatically generate the menu and gallery pages.

Displaying the rather large menu in a useful way presented the biggest challenge. I employed the excellent ScrollToFixed JQuery plugin to help me here.

thing:JoziLUG Website
date:June 2013
client:Johannesburg GNU/Linux User Group
location:Johannesburg, South Africa
built with:Jekyll, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS

Designed Jekyll-based website for our Johannesburg GNU/Linux user group which pulls upcoming meetup information using Meetup API. I made the site responsive using the Bootstrap framework.

thing:DKPS Computer Centre
date:April 2012—August 2013
client:Tshwaranang Foundation
location:Johannesburg, South Africa
built with:Debian GNU/Linux, Samba

I built a computer centre in a township school in Johannesburg with the help of a Dutch Foundation. For more details, click here.