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Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from Jessie, Dan, Atreyu, and Wubet
My Year of ICTs for Development

I just finished my MSc!

Photos of whales and dolphins from the Wild Coast
Update from the Field

Studying on the beach

Birthday fun in Maputo, Mozambique
March Trip to Addis

We first visited Addis in March and took a trip to Awash

We went to Kruger and all we saw was EVERYTHING (except lions)
The Graduates

Notes from the latest computer literacy program graduation
Ceramic Rabbit

I drew a ceramic rabbit today and I'm quite proud of it
DKPS Computer Lab: Overview

An overview of what might go into building a computer lab at a township school
Ethiopia: Getting the Visa

It was harder than you'd think to get our visa to visit Ethiopia
Back to School

I started taking classes on Coursera and I think it's awesome.
My ThinkPad T43

I love an old laptop.
A Mini-Internet to Call Our Own

I flashed my router, put it on the roof, brought fake Power over Ethernet to it all in the name of freedom.
Talkin' Bout Dat Emacs

I gave a talk about Emacs, my favorite text editor.

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  • In 2016, the tech industry forgot about people - The Verge via @instapaper
  • I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators | Lindy West | Opinion | The Guardian
  • Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic? | Motherboard via @instapaper
  • Messin’ with Workflow + https://t.co/HNmR5BNwre via @instapaper
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  • Great episode! Just a shame that last bit by @doctorow was run over a bit by the outro music
  • Listening to Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom (via @WorkflowHQ)
  • The Real Name Fallacy via @instapaper